We live in a world full of disposable items. Things are used and tossed aside. This is actually a great thing in many ways (think disposable gloves, paper towels, paper cups etc. – very handy) but how has this impacted the music industry and more specifically Bluegrass recordings? It seems like the flow of new music is enormous these days! This is actually very exciting and I think the quality of the Bluegrass music being created by modern day bands and artists is excellent! However, does the fact that a song or album is a few years old mean it is no longer a quality, relevant, talent filled artistic expression? I think back through a few of my favorite albums – Kenny and Amanda Smith’s House Down The Block , Dan Tyminski’s Carry Me Across The Mountain , or Ricky Skaggs’ Live at Charleston – all great music that you don’t really hear too much about now. Obviously, there is always great excitement over new music and I am very much a part of it! I just think music should continue to be enjoyed even if it’s a few years old. This thought has been the impetus behind my idea to create Retroviews  – a series of  reviews of albums that are at least 5 years old and not yet considered “classics.” Maybe this series will introduce you to some music or artists you hadn’t previously heard about. There’s a lot of great music out there – new, old, and in between. I believe that if it’s good, it deserves attention. Keep an eye out for the first “Retroview.” Thanks for reading!

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